2015 Best Pedometer Bracelet

Pedometers have a good history of their usefulness over the past couple of decades, but have seen vast improvements in the past 5 years. They have gone from simple ball and counter machines to complex software that can be kept on during most activities and accurately give you readings for steps, distance, flights climbed and even some are tracking sleep.

The newest wave of pedometers are meant to be kept on you 24/7 to give you the best information about your health, activity levels, and where they come in compared to ideal metrics. They include software that can be accessed either on your phone, tablet, computer or other device to keep track of extras, such as workouts that aren’t tracked by your pedometer (lifting weights), your food intake vs calories burned, and sleep patterns.

Pedometer Bracelets

With the idea of keeping a pedometer on you 24/7, a few companies have improved upon the now basic models and have created lines focusing on bracelets. These are meant to be worn, and have detachable parts that allow you to recharge and sync information as needed.

Pedometer wristbands are the next main wave of lifestyle tracking, and have been sold for a couple years now. However, these new bracelets improve upon those first models, allowing for a more sleek design, various colors, and improved functionality, not to mention improved software.

The main item to remember going through is that these are higher priced items than typical pedometers. The newer models again are not just for counting steps, but are lifestyle devices to sync and log not only your activity, but also sleep patterns, food consumption, and overall wellness. It is a focus the best 2015 pedometer bracelets are built upon.

2015 Best Pedometer Bracelet


Jawbone is the newest front runner to the scene, and have had a successful product in the UP, and then the UP 24. The products are lightweight, comfortable, and well designed to have the appearance of a simple bracelet, while packing the impact of a pedometer. They come in a variety of colors to accent your true style.

Their simple app layout has made it easy for anyone to navigate their lifestyle, while also keeping track of their steps and activities, food when entered, and sleep. These are logged and kept online for you to reveal insight about your day and night activities, how they differ over time, and acclimates to better improve your function. It even includes a silent alarm to wake you without disturbing anyone else in the room. They also recently came out with a new line, one of which is featured below.

UP MOVE by Jawbone

Jawbone’s newest pedometer, the UP Move is made from a durable yet nylon-like anodized aluminum to have a sleek and stylish design, while taking the wear and tear every pedometer takes. The activity tracker can either be slipped discretely into your pocket, or used with the included clip to easily fasten anywhere such as your pants or a bra strap to count all of your steps. Added bonus is you can purchase an additional colorful hypoallergenic wrist band to turn it from a simple pedometer to a pedometer watch.

The UP Move tracks your steps, exercises and calories burned, along with additional functions to track detailed information about your sleep. These log with Jawbone’s Smart Coach, UP App’s personalized approach for guidance, goal setting, and more insights of your metrics throughout the day, week and lifetime.

It has a replaceable battery that lasts up to 6 months, which eliminates recharging necessary for other pedometers. It also includes a hidden LED display that lights up to show you your progress throughout the day. Pressing the face once shows progress towards your goals, twice to display the time, and three times to display sleep information from the previous night. It is powered by MotionX technology which provides comprehensive summaries of all daily progress, including sleep.

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Fitbit came out with the Flex and then Force, their fist installments of pedometer bracelets. The Flex is still on the market, however the Force had to be recalled after they found a small number of defects and rashes when users wore the Force for too long. In late 2014, they introduced a whole new lineup, with three new pedometers that came onto the market. Let’s take a look at two below.

Fitbit Charge HR

Available now on Fitbit’s website and Amazon.com, the Fitbit Charge HR. Designed to wear all day, it continuously monitors steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, flights of stairs climbed and now includes the ability to monitory your heart rate.  Track all of these real-time stats and also tell the time through the bright and new OLED display.

Don’t mess with adding your sleep time to your Fitbit Dashboard, as the automatic sleep detection monitors sleep quality and motion analysis to reveal how well you are resting. Wake up peacefully to the included silent, vibrating alarm that you can set to go off at any time.

Adding to the smart capabilities of many activity trackers coming onto the market, the Charge HR also syncs with certain phones, allowing it to vibrate and display incoming calls. It will light up and show either the name or phone number of the incoming call when your smartphone is nearby.

This high quality pedometer watch is water resistant, comfortable and includes an improved clasp to adjust to better fit your wrist. The battery lasts up to 5 days before needing to be recharged. Currently comes in black, plum, blue and tangerine in all three band sizes: XL, large and small bands. It has debuted at $149.95.

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Fitbit Surge

Next comes the Fitbit Surge, their most advanced activity tracker and pedometer watch on the market, deeming it “a sleek Fitness Super Watch.” It builds upon the Charge HR, combining the all around tracking with a built-in GPS to sync with the dashboard and provide even more information. Included additional stats are pace, distance, elevation, split times, route history and workout summaries.

After falling behind with other activity trackers, the Surge will now record multi-sport activities, allowing you to track time in the gym, as well as on the field, and out in the streets as you train your way to peak performance. These allow users to view tailored metrics, including intensity and calories burned based upon their activity.

Improved Smartwatch features include not only the caller ID, but text message alerts and mobile music control to stay focused while being able to control everything from your wrist. These improved functions include a bigger and better battery, bringing the battery life back up to 7 days before being recharged.

The Fitbit Surge is available for $249.95, now in black, blue and tangerine colors to choose from for the wristband.

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Deep in the GPS area of technology, Garmin has also come out with a great line of activity trackers in both pedometers and also sports watches. Their greatest success so far comes with their pedometer bracelet line in the Vivo line, including the fit, fit2 and now the smart.

Garmin Vivosmart

Garmin has improved to bring the Garmin Vivosmart to market. It is capable of tracking and displaying steps, calories, distance and time of the day. You can access these stats by simply taping on the sleek and invisible OLED display that only comes to life when you want it.

It automatically syncs with the Garmin Connect™, their online community using Bluetooth technology. Also connected with Bluetooth, the band sends smart notifications to keep you on top of your day. You are able to monitor calls, texts, meetings, emails and other notifications with vibrating alerts to keep you aware.

You can also enhance your experience by getting the Vivosmart bundle which includes a heart rate monitor. This bundle allows you to have a heart rate monitor to track your heart rate while working out, an added bonus for anyone training hard to reach their peak fitness levels.

The Vivosmart comes in five colors, black, slate, berry, blue and purple, and is available in two band sizes, small and large. You can purchase the Vivosmart alone starting retail at $169.99, and the bundle at $199.99.

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Smart Health

Where the Jawbone and Fitbit could improve, Smart Health is there to make up the slack. Their focus was primarily on the heart rate monitor section included in a watch, but have added the best functions of a pedometer and kept their prices extremely reasonable.

Smart Health Walking FIT

For less than either Fitbit or Jawbone’s offers, the Smarthealth Walking Fit is a well versatile machine that is growing in popularity. The main focus is that it is an excellent and effective heart rate monitor along with a watch. On top of calculating heart rate, this pedometer watch measures steps, distance and calories burned.

It is quick to start using, as there is no setup required, but you can add statistics such as your age, weight and height to have a more accurate caloric burn rate. If you press the large button, it will monitor your heart rate, but if you continue to hold it, it will continuously monitor your heart rate.

The downfall with the Walking Fit is that it does not have a long storage, only 1 day’s worth. There is no system or dashboard set up to keep track of your progress over time, unless you manually log your information down each day. Coming in under $40, it is a small trade off to have the functionality it does.

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Where to Purchase

You can click on any of the pictures or links above and it will take you directly to Amazon to purchase the best pedometer bracelet to fit your needs. If you’re not sure if a bracelet is right for you, you can also check out the rest of our pedometer reviews and see what works for you.

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