Fitbit Surge Review

The newest wearable from Fitbit comes in the form of the Fitbit Surge, which Fitbit touts as “the ultimate fitness super watch.” Even with such a claim, Fitbit has come through and proven how valuable and intricate this new activity tracker is.

Fitbit Surge Features

With all other Fitbit products, the Surge also tracks steps, distance, calories burned, flights of stairs and active minutes. It will also monitor your sleep and wake you up with silent alarms as you set them. Same as the Fitbit Charge HR, it comes with PurePulseā„¢ Heart Rate technology, allowing you to get continuous and automatic wrist based heart rate readings on the go. It also lasts up to 7 days.

Where the Surge differs comes in a few key additions to boost the allure and value of the pedometer. First, it is a multi-sport pedometer bracelet, which not only records simple running and walking, but also cross training, cardio and other similar workouts, all while allowing you to view those summaries. It includes GPS tracking, showing you the distance, pace and elevation climbed, all while being able to review routes and split times. You can also see call and text notifications on the OLED display, and you can also control songs playing on your phone through your mobile playlist on the Surge.

Surge Specifications

Currently it comes in Black, Blue and Tangerine only. It comes with GPS sensor technology, along with the 3-axis accelerometers, gyroscopes, digital compass, optical heart rate monitor, altimeter, vibration motor and ambient light sensor. It is water resistant up to 5 ATM, meaning it is sweat, splash and rain proof, but still not swim proof. It is also recommended that you remove before showering, and keeping it dry to reduce rub and wear on the skin. It has 7 days battery life, and a 7 day memory cycle in case you cannot sync for a week.

The sizing for the Surge is 1.34″ wide, with a display screen that is 0.82″ tall by 0.96″ wide. The bands themselves, made up of flexible, durable elastomer materials similar to other sports watches, come in three shapes. The small fits wrists 5.5″-6.7″, the large fits 6.3″-7.9″, and the X-large is for 7.6″-9.1″ and is only available online at

Why the Surge?

Retail on is currently set at $249.95, but you can also try and find a discount by purchasing on at , though it is selling at or around retail price. The tagline for the Surge is simply, “Fitness Super Watch” and it is not to be taken lightly. This is an expensive wearable that is designed for more serious athletes, regardless if they are professionals or the half-marathoner that takes their training seriously. The aim is to train smarter and go further with the Surge, and Fitbit is giving everyone an opportunity to track their progress to get there. This is a more advanced pedometer, and thus requires some more skills in using it to its fullest.

Don’t let that stop you, get your Fitbit Surge today.

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