Fitbit Ultra Review

The Ultra was the first model that Fitbit came out with, and subsequently my first pedometer. It helped to motivate myself, and set daily goals to keep track of my stats and make fitness a larger portion of my life. It is able to track daily steps, distance, calories burned, stairs climbed, and was even able to keep track of sleep. Used in conjunction with the online dashboard at, it helped me to see how far I had come along, and give me measureable access to the goals I had set for myself. It syncs automatically with the charging port when plugged into an active computer, either PC or Mac.

The Ultra was an excellent reminder throughout the day to hit my daily 10,000 step goal. Unlike the One, Zip and Flex, the Ultra was not splash, rain nor sweat-proof, so it became a small scare anytime I was out playing Ultimate or on a jog, and storm clouds rolled in and it started sprinkling. I usually kept it in a small plastic baggie to keep it dry, and my girlfriend would wrap it in saran wrap while she wore it in her bra during workouts.

At night, I would slip it into the wristband and have it track how long and how well I slept, logging the duration of rest and times either restless or awake during my slumber. Like the Flex, you would also have to log your sleep online at to keep track of your time slept, restlessness and awake throughout the night.

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