Jawbone Announces New Line

Jawbone has fought back against the recent announcement of a new line from Fitbit, and has released early it’s two newest pedometers, one for entry-level activity to take on the likes of the Fitbit Zip, and an all-in-one pedometer bracelet to take on Garmin Vivofit and the Fitbit Charge. Both will be available this month, but let’s take a closer look at their offerings, design, and how they can help you track your way to those 10,000 steps.

Jawbone UP MOVE

Jawbone’s newest pedometer, the UP MOVE is made from a durable yet nylon-like anodized aluminum to have a sleek and stylish design, while taking the wear and tear every pedometer takes. The activity tracker can either be slipped discretely into your pocket, or used with the included clip to easily fasten anywhere such as your pants or a bra strap to count all of your steps. Added bonus is you can purchase an additional colorful hypoallergenic wrist band to turn it from a simple pedometer to a pedometer watch.

The UP MOVE tracks your steps, exercises and calories burned, along with additional functions to track detailed information about your sleep. These log with Jawbone’s Smart Coach, UP App’s personalized approach for guidance, goal setting, and more insights of your metrics throughout the day, week and lifetime.

Marketed as a great option for someone just getting into fitness, step counting or weight loss, it incorporates the same technology found in other UP brands, while being more affordable for the masses. It is being released in November, 2014 for $49.99, a direct price comparison to the Fitbit Zip. It also comes in five colors: Black Burst with an Onyx clip, Blue Burst with Fog clip, Grape Rose with Purple clip, Ruby Rose with Red Punch clip, and Slate Rose, with a yellow clip. Grape Rose will be sold exclusively at Best Buy stores and online at Jawbone.com. Wrist straps will be sold separately in the same colors as the clips for $14.99 each or 3 pack for $29.99.

It has a replaceable battery that lasts up to 6 months, which eliminates recharging necessary for other pedometers. It also includes a hidden LED display that lights up to show you your progress throughout the day. Pressing the face once shows progress towards your goals, twice to display the time, and three times to display sleep information from the previous night. It is powered by MotionX technology which provides comprehensive summaries of all daily progress, including sleep.

Order your UP MOVE now through Amazon.com

Jawbone UP3

Jawbone UP3Their newest pedometer bracelet, the Jawbone UP3 is coming soon which is a multi-sensor activity tracker that has fully updateable technology, adding functions and upgrading the system in the upcoming months. It is a pedometer bracelet that not only collects your steps taken and calories burned, but so much more with its advanced technology.

The technology included with the UP3 has a new tri-axis accelerometer, bioimpedance sensors, and also skin and ambient temperature sensors, allowing it to more accurately track your activities, and also delivers your heart rate information, which helps to more accurately monitor data and information during activities. The updated algorithms also allow the UP3 to identify different workout types and classify them, such as running, tennis, cross-training, etc. Similar to other Jawbone products, it tracks sleep, but now details sleep stages such as the ever important REM and deep sleep cycles, along with light sleeping, and provides in depth information on how to improve your sleeping patterns.

It will have a rechargeable battery lasting up to seven (7) days, and is also water-resistant up to 10 meters deep. Designed to be worn 24/7, the secure overlapping watch-style clasps can adjust the band to fit your wrist the best. Follow your stats and learn more about your body and activities using the Smart Coach UP App.

Though it will be available later this year, there are more updates that Jawbone will be coming up with after release. This makes the initial price of $179.99 seem a little steep, but gives the opportunity for Jawbone to provide more value after purchase than the other pedometers on the market. It will be available in Black and Silver, with more color options available beginning in 2015.

Check out Jawbone products on Amazon.com now or you can head back to look at other pedometers with the comparison guide.

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