Ozeri 4X3Razor Review

The Ozeri 4X3Razor is an excellent pedometer with technology coming from Germany. The 3D Tri-Axis Bosch sensor with X, Y and Z vector detection provides supreme accuracy in any position. It was designed for high-performance athletes, with all different sports in mind, as it is the world thinnest and lightest pedometer, at 0.5 cm (less than 2″) thick, and weighing only half an ounce. Prepare to add a boost to your workout, training or sport routine without noticing anything different when you put on your Ozeri 4X3Razor.

While using your new pedometer, you will be able to measure and record steps, distance, calories and fat burned, and exercise time. It includes a 7 day memory, can count up to 1 million steps, and also has features such as a built-in clock, sports timer and auto sleep technology to help save battery power. Comes standard with a belt clip, extra battery and detachable lanyard so that you can wear it whichever way you prefer.

Why purchase an Ozeri 4x3Razor?

It is extremely easy to set up, typically taking approximately a minute, and the controls on the device are easy and straight forward. The display is not as big as some Omron pedometers, however it still shows time and steps taken, with the ability to scroll through the various measurements. Being the worlds thinnest and lightest pedometer, it is easy to forget about the step counter after you put it into your pocket, and allows you to move freely throughout the day without worry. It is extremely accurate while determining stride length and thus distance, even for small walks or long distance runs. You can also adjust your stride to better serve your needs, thus having a smaller stride for while walking around the house, or a longer stride when gearing up for race day. Overall it is an excellent pedometer, and will help you on your way of reaching your distance goal needs.

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